In The Balance Company, we believe that a good life is built on a healthy body, a calm mind. It elevates in love, thrive in purpose and enriches in wondering. Our ambassadors are an extension of our brand and are an authentic and positive force in our community. They embody the ethos of LIVING A LIFE YOUR BODY LOVES. 

Be Our Ambassador

You are an artist, a florist, an entrepreneur, a working mum, a doctor, a teacher... You come from all walks of life. You love passionately, work purposefully, and embrace what the world has to offer. 

You are in constant exploration of your needs, your potential and your relationships with others and with the world. You are not afraid of self-transformation. You are not afraid of being you. 

You are a community leader and take pride in helping other people. You have the courage to speak and the heart to serve. 

What does This Mean?

As an ambassador, you will receive new product to try out, a strong network of like-minded people, and access to our affiliate program. You will join our team with a mission to help people take better care of their bodies. 

If this sounds exciting to you, please email or message 84327097 for us to follow up.