Our founder suffered from back pain in her postpartum due to bad breastfeeding postures. It was only made much worse by a wrongly taught Pilates class that blindly pushed her limit in doing sit-ups and caused permanent damage to her spine. She could barely walk for months after the Pilates class and had to suffer from paralyzing back pain for years to come. This misery shattered her belief about priorities in life. It made her realize the importance of good posture and the importance of knowing how to take good care of our bodies. 

Unfortunately she had to say goodbye to heels and flats as heels add too much stress on the spine and flats do not provide any support at all. However she was also unwilling to resort to the traditional orthotic shoes, which are not only very expensive but are also clunky and heavy. Hence she started The Balance Company with a mission to bring modern ergonomic shoes designed for good posture to everyone, and help people take better care of their bodies.