Why do the right shoes matter for your health?

Shoes are not accessories but the foundation of your body. Choosing the right shoes is probably one of the best returns on investment for your spine health.

Like many other women, I have many pairs of shoes that I only wear once or twice mostly because they are uncomfortable. I am happy to bear with the discomfort of squashed feet and strained muscles in order to look good in high-heels for special occasions. Blisters from new shoes are a norm to me. Even flats are not necessarily always comfortable. I once had a bloody ankle after walking in a new pair of flats for half an hour. Still I did not think much about wearing the right shoes.

 Only after injuring my back from seemingly harmless habits, like sleeping on a soft bed, and breastfeeding with no back support, I became a lot more aware about the importance of good posture and the right body alignment. Not wearing the right shoes could potentially have devastating consequences for me. I need shoes that support a natural body alignment, absorb shock, and allow my body to move freely. Good designs that take these factors into account can reduce the risk of injury and in the long run help protect your spine.

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