Tips for a Good Workout Outfit

You’ve got your brand new yoga mat and an exciting Spotify playlist ready to go—but are you really wearing the right clothes for your workout? 

Swap Out Stuffy Cotton Clothes For Breathable Athletic Wear

According to a physiologist at the American College of Sports Medicine, the hotter your body gets during exercise, the more difficult the exercise will feel. Athletic wear is usually made of high-tech polyester or spandex that pulls your sweat to the surface of the fabric so it can evaporate faster. This not only keeps your body dry from sweat during exercise but also helps to regulate heat. Athletic wear is also very lightweight and allows air to easily pass through, helping to circulate air around the body to keep you cool. Your old cotton shirt, on the other hand, will retain your sweat and slow down evaporation. It can feel wet and heavy on your skin halfway through your workout, and also increase your risk of overheating. 

 Minimize Obstruction With Form-fitting Clothes

Form-fitting clothes with good elasticity ensure you can exercise safely and take your mind off how your clothes are moving. You wouldn’t want to risk getting a loose sleeve snagged on a piece of exercise equipment, tripping over the flare of your own pants, or having to pull down the hem of your oversized shirt after every leg crunch. As long as your clothes are made of breathable materials, it can also keep you adequately cool despite the close fit. However, bear in mind that “form-fitting” does not mean tight enough to cut off circulation. It should instead fit you like a second skin. 

Fitness influencers Joe Wicks is able to move at ease in his form-fitting outfits.

For The Ladies, Wearing a Supportive Sports Bra is a Must

Sports bras are designed to provide stronger support than regular bras to hold your breasts in place during exercise. This prevents ligaments in the breasts from being strained, which can cause sagging over time. If you’re a lady with a bigger bust, a lack of support can cause back pain because the way your chest moves around can destabilize your center of gravity. This makes your back work harder to keep you upright. 

Consider choosing sports bras with wider straps as they are more secure and can distribute the weight of the chest better across the shoulders and neck. Since sports bras are meant to be tighter than the regular bra, straps that are too thin can easily dig into the skin and muscles. Sports bras with padded cups for each breast also offer great support as they can reduce in-out and side-to-side movements of the breasts. Sports bras that do not come with cups and only compress the breasts against the chest are limited to reducing in-out movements, and probably not suitable for more vigorous activities.

Say Goodbye to Chafing and Muscle Fatigue With Leggings

If you’re tired of the fabric of your shorts riding up, or the constant chafing between your thighs, you might want to give leggings a try. There are thin, stretchy leggings suitable for all occasions, and also thicker, compression-style ones that offer additional support for your leg muscles and reduce muscle vibration. This helps to reduce muscle fatigue, especially when doing higher intensity exercises like running, squatting, or weightlifting. 

Watch this Buzzfeed video about a few men working out in leggings for the first time, and see how they sing praises about feeling more agile, supported, and very much like superheroes.

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