Tiffany Teo - Charting My Own Path in Mixed Martial Arts

I am Tiffany Teo, a professional fighter in mixed martial arts. I studied psychology in college. I was doing psychology research work when I started training in boxing. Soon after I came to the crossroad that I had to focus on either research or training. I was thinking that I could only pursue my passion for competitive boxing in my younger years but I could do psychology research work at any age. That’s how I decided to plunge into competitive fighting. When you keep thinking about one thing all the time, you would know it’s your passion and you cannot give it up easily. This is indeed an unconventional career path that many people would not understand at first, including my family and friends. Eventually they changed their minds after they saw my persistence and my results.

I found so much joy in competitive martial arts. It’s a lot more about the strategy and the techniques rather than pure strength. It’s like playing chess. I love the people I met in my journey. In terms of my personal development, I have gained so much more mental resilience that will benefit me for a lifetime.

Tiffany Teo Wearing Ash Grey Runner

I am careful about not injuring myself during training. I love yoga because it helps me become more flexible, prevent me from getting injured and helps me recover faster from training. I wear sneakers most of the time. What I like most about the Balance Runners is that they are very lightweight and skin-friendly. I can feel the arch support and the massage points working on my feet. I also immediately love the pastel color range.

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Robbin August 28, 2020

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