Searching for the Perfect Pair of Shoes - Words from a New Mother in Our Community

My name is Nurhidayah and I am a young mummy who gave birth to a beautiful baby girl about 3 years ago. I had a very smooth 39 weeks of pregnancy. However, coming towards the end of my pregnancy, I started to develop some mild lower back pain.

Things did not get any better after I gave birth. In fact, the lower back pain started to worsen day by day and this might be due to the wrong posture I had when I bent down to pick my baby up from the cot to change her diapers.

Fast forward to today, I am still experiencing lower back pain and it has definitely impacted my life because I cannot do any strenuous activities like running or playing badminton which I use to do without any problems before I was pregnant.
My experience definitely made me believe that at some point of time during the pregnancy, most of the pregnant mummies will have to go through some kind of lower back pain.

I did go to see the doctor eventually who later on referred me to a physiotherapist who adviced me that the lower back pain I was experiencing was due to bad posture and the fact that I am flat footed. They corrected my standing posture and I was taught to do some exercise to relieve the pain. 

Being in the retail line definitely has affected my life because I had to stand for very long hours everyday. I started doing some research online and at the same time trying to find myself a good pair of shoes.

Ideally, my perfect pair of shoe need to have a stable arch support, an easy-to-use sleek style, anti-slip sole and lastly in beautiful colors. I remember once that I invested $350 on a pair of shoes which claim to give stable arch support and etc but only end up in disappointment because the insole was very hard and I did not feel comfortable at all wearing them.

I was having my lunch at Tampines mall when I passed by The Balance Co. shop near the escalator one day. I was immediately attracted by the arch support and how light the shoe was after I tried it on. However, after seeing that the price was $95 for each pair of shoe, I was not so convinced that they could be as good as the ones from podiatrist certified shoes because shoes with similar functions are usually sold for a few hundred dollars but in the end I still decided to give it a try.

They are probably the best shoe I have ever worn now because the insole support is firm and stable which then gives me a very good arch support for my foot plus the vegan leather uppers material is very easy to clean. I just have to use a wet tissue to wipe any dirt off. Once I even wore the shoe when it was raining and I was impressed that the rainwater did not seep into the shoe at all. I am just so thankful that I have found this shoe which has helped me a lot.

I just would like to share with the Balance Community that finding the right pair of shoes and having the correct posture can have a huge impact in our lives.

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