Model Psychologist Turned Wellness Guru Tisha Kiran Tells Us All About Her Free Secret Weapon: Clean Sleep

Reinvent your slumber routine, non-negotiable tips included.  

People don’t give real sleep enough credit, and I was one of them because it’s so easy to take it for granted. A lot of us probably don’t know where to start doing sleep right. I’m going to quote by reading from Gwyneth Paltrow’s Clean Beauty book right now, “The lifestyle I lead is based not just on clean eating, but also clean sleeping.” This is the part I always emphasize, “Sleep plays such a vital role in determining your appetite and energy levels, I believe it should be your priority.” 

It sounds a bit like my mom’s nagging, but honestly when are moms wrong (laughs). Basically clean sleep is pure and undisturbed sleep and that allows complete restoration of my body and mind. I’m a model and part of my job is staying and looking fresh, and I started digging into the most natural way of taking care of our bodies, eating well and feeling good. That’s when I started to do some wellness coaching and one thing led to another. If thinking about an overhaul of your diet is a bit too much right now, think about how you sleep--it’s the easiest thing you can control.

First, Total Blackout. Lights off and put your phone on airplane mode, or better turn it off. Invest in an old school alarm clock, and put  your phone as far away from you as possible. Seriously it distracts you even if you don’t use it. There’s a research that just got released on how just having a phone next to you reduces  your brain’s cognitive levels. A few days a week,  I try to go to bed at 10.30pm to make use of the magical 90 mins phase of sleep before midnight that enriches your skin’s recovery process.


Second, Sleep Hygiene. That’s easy, no caffeine after 6pm, and try to eat dinner before 8pm so your body has time to digest before bed. I also try to stay away from spicy food, fizzy drinks, and sugar right before bed. Oh yea, if you have the luxury to nap in the daytime, have it before 3pm and less than 30 minutes a day.


Third, Sleep Prep. Take a warm bath or listen to some calming music. I try to fall asleep within 20 minutes. If I need a bit more relaxation in bed, I give myself a three minute foot massage, or do some kind of body meditation. I love tightening and relaxing for 5 seconds each part of my muscles 2-3 times from toes to head, sometimes I thank them for working hard and before I reach the top, I’m in slumberland.

Fourth, Plan Your Outfit. Honestly this sounds like a big duh, but it changed my life. It makes me think about what I need to do the next day which preps me mentally, and it’s quite a meditative exercise to iron and hang my outfit up. You did something today that would have taken tomorrow’s time to do, so that definitely relaxes you in some ways.

Fifth, Clean Space. I love Marie Kondo, the magic art of tidying. Our things and space fill us with good or bad energy, depending on how much we care about them. Your sleep will definitely feel interrupted if you are surrounded by clutter, it’s the last thing and first thing you see. So keep the space clean, make it your own, and you’ll love that peaceful bedtime feeling. 

When I first started clean sleep, I felt different and my sleep was deeper after slightly more than a week. And of course, that meant I was happier and more positive everytime I woke up, and I never want to go back to anything less than that.

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