Balance Runner - Women
Color: Aqua

stable arch support

The arch support is made of polyutherene instead of memory foam, so that it is stable and durable, and does not collapse overtime. It distributes weight across the foot, with additional ultra anti-shock gel cushioning at the heels and the ball of the foot to further relieve the muscle strain from walking.

It's suitable for people with a normal arch or flat feet. A proper arch support is crucial for the natural alignment of the spine. 

Acupuncture Massage Points

Inspired by the wisdom of acupuncture, these soft massage points help relieve muscle strain, combat fatigue and stimulate blood circulation while you are walking. 

Anti-odor & Water-friendly

An anti-microbial silver nanoparticle layer kills thousands of types of bacteria and helps your feet stay odor-free. The uppers are also water-friendly, perfect for your adventures. 

One pair < the weight of an apple

One pair of the Balance Walker in size 37 weighs about 300 grams. They are the lightest walking shoes we can find in the market. 

Our design has no frills. And we use innovative materials that are lightweight and durable for every part of the shoe. 

Soft and Flexible

There is wider room at the front of the shoes for your toes to wriggle. The footbed is wide so there is more stability and support. The insole has thick cushioning. The uppers are soft and skin-friendly. 

No more blisters when wearing new shoes. 

Good posture good life

Practical Posture tips

The spine supports the whole body and protects the central nervous system. Poor posture, sitting or standing all day long and a lack of exercise can potentially lead to spine weakness and even irreparable damage.

Here are some simple and effective changes you can make in your daily activities to protect your spine. 

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